Less Weight. Better Performance. More Safety.  

Automotive Aluminum

Aluminum is the fastest growing automotive material. From EVs to pick-up trucks, the rise of aluminum in high-volume vehicles improves fuel economy, battery range, safety and overall vehicle performance.

Aluminum Drives Safety

Aluminum can absorb two times as much energy as steel. With the help of aluminum, automakers are developing the safest, strongest and most durable cars and trucks ever imagined. In fact, every aluminum-bodied vehicle ever crash tested by NHTSA earned a perfect 5-star rating.

Aluminum Drives Innovation

Aluminum-intensive vehicles outperform previous generation body styles with best-in-class capability and fuel economy, improved handling, faster braking and reduced emissions. When Ford upgraded its best-selling F-150 pick-up to an aluminum body from steel,  the truck upgraded in every category, hauling in one industry award after another.

Aluminum Drives Sustainability

As automakers respond to global demands for reduced emissions and higher fuel economy, they more and more rely on aluminum to deliver. Aluminum producers are helping make the car and truck of the future more efficient and more recyclable. In fact, advanced aluminum alloys in lightweight pickup truck design offer the lowest environmental impacts for the entire vehicle life cycle—well beyond just the tailpipe.

Aluminum Drives Investments

Since 2013, the aluminum industry announced U.S. plant expansions and planned investments totaling more than $3 billion to meet increasing automotive customer needs – generating good, domestic manufacturing jobs for the long term.