"Designers and engineers seem less conflicted about what materials they plan to rely on most to meet 2025 standards...Aluminum is the favorite."

2015 WARDSAUTO, DuPont Automotive Trends Benchmark Study

"By 2020 automakers will have multiple aluminum-intensive closure programs."

Ducker Worldwide 2015 North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content Study

"Aluminum is important part of meeting 2025 fuel economy and emissions standards."

Cost, Effectiveness and Deployment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles

We are in a multi-material world where no single material dominates the automobile. Aluminum is the rising material of choice, offering the fastest, safest, most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to boost fuel economy and cut total carbon emissions. Reducing vehicle weight—without reducing vehicle size—will be vital as automakers develop next generation cars and trucks.

Aluminum is Growing

Aluminum use in cars and trucks continues to rise on top of 40 years of consistent growth and that is projected to reach average content levels of 514 pounds per vehicle by 2026 (up 12% from 2020 levels).

Aluminum is Delivering

As automakers respond to global demands for higher fuel economy, better performance and reduced emissions (full life cycle), without compromising size or capability, manufacturers more and more rely on aluminum to deliver on all fronts.

Aluminum is Innovating

Aluminum companies are partnering with automotive customers to develop holistic technology packages to achieve vehicle design and engineering objectives and deliver a continuous innovation flow to include developing and deploying higher strength alloys and closed-loop recycling technologies that add significant economic value.

Aluminum is Investing

Since 2013, the aluminum industry announced U.S. plant expansions and planned investments totaling more than $3 billion to meet increasing automotive customer needs (generating good, domestic manufacturing jobs for the long term). As need arises, aluminum companies will invest even more.

Driving Modern Manufacturing

More Than $3 Billion in Aluminum Industry Investment Creates U.S. Jobs

Since 2013, Aluminum Association member companies have announced U.S. plant expansion investment totaling more than $3 billion and creating nearly 1,000 permanent and temporary jobs:

  • In October 2014, Constellium announced a planned investment of $750 million by 2022 to create more than half-a-billion pounds of new auto sheet capacity.
  • In the fall and winter of 2013, Novelis announced more than $300 million in investment to expand its plant in Oswego, NY which will create nearly 200 permanent jobs overall.

Aluminum Builds a Better Vehicle

Here are all the reasons why.


Every aluminum-bodied vehicle crash tested by federal regulators earned a 5-star safety rating.




The U.S. military trusts high-strength aluminum in the Humvee and Bradley Fighting Vehicle.



Aluminum offers the lowest carbon footprint among competing materials.


ATG icons car


Reducing weight with aluminum increases fuel economy and EV range.



Aluminum vehicles accelerate faster, brake in shorter distances and handle better.


Cost Effectiveness

Aluminum can be a catalyst for cost savings throughout the vehicle