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Accelerating Passenger Vehicle Aluminum Use: Good for Consumers and the Planet

High volume aluminum intensive passenger vehicles will be in showrooms in the very near future.

Aluminum is already the dominant material used to make engines and wheels, thanks to the metal’s performance, durability and environmental advantages.  Automakers are now aggressively applying today’s advanced aluminum alloys and designs to hoods, trunks and doors as part of a holistic approach to reducing vehicle weight to boost fuel economy (and hybrid battery range) and cut the emissions associated with climate change.

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Results according to a survey of automakers conducted by Ducker Worldwide, 2011.

Since lighter vehicles get better fuel economy with fewer emissions, aluminum is already the leading material in the engine and wheel markets and is fast-gaining market share in hoods, trunks and doors. The survey estimates automakers will increase their use of aluminum from 327 pounds in 2009 to 550 pounds in 2025.


High-Aluminum Content Vehicles

The following 2012 model year vehicles contain a minimum of 10% curb weight of finished aluminum.
2011 High Alu Content List

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