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Automakers Driving Forward with Aluminum
Ducker Worldwide Survey Results | Aluminum Usage by North American Automakers
Tom Boney and Doug Richman | July 2014

Click here to watch the replay.


The Vehicle Race to Lose Weight
Study | Aluminum Superior in Shedding Mass and Boosting MPG
Randall Scheps and Doug Richman | May 2013

Click here to watch the replay.


The Changing Make Up of Automobiles
Ducker Worldwide Survey Results | Aluminum Usage by North American Automakers
Randall Scheps and Doug Richman | September 2011


Aluminum's Impact on Meeting Future Fuel Economy Standards
Doug Richman, Harry Siegel and Todd Summe | November 2010

Lightening the Load: Exploring Automotive Aluminum's Advantage Over Other Materials
Randall Scheps, Dietrich Wieser and Pat McNulty | May 2010


The Aluminum Advantage: Commercial Vehicle Applications Webinar
Randall Scheps, Doug Richman and Todd Summe | December 2009

New Data Details Automakers’ Material Use: Use of Fuel-Saving, Emission-Reducing Aluminum At All-Time High
Buddy Stemple, Doug Richman and Randall Scheps | April 2009


Aluminum Builds a Better Car, Auto Aluminum Webinar
Buddy Stemple, Michael Bull, Ken Martchek and Randall Scheps | December 2008

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