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Meet the World’s First All-Aluminum SUV [VIDEO]

More and more aluminum-intensive vehicles are headed to showrooms in the near future

Automakers today are rapidly transitioning away from traditional automotive materials in favor of advanced aluminum alloys because the high strength, low weight metal simply builds a better vehicle. From fuel economy and performance, to durability and safety aluminum delivers. Among others leading the way, Land Rover broke new ground by being first to offer consumers the advantages of an all-aluminum SUV – even as more high volume, all-aluminum cars and trucks enter the marketplace in the next few years.

According to Land Rover, "The all-aluminum unibody structure is 39 percent lighter than the steel body in the outgoing model. This enables a total vehicle weight savings of up to 926lbs, depending on market and specifications. The US specification vehicle with the naturally-aspirated 5-liter V8 will be approximately 700lbs lighter than the outgoing equivalent. This new aluminum platform delivers significant enhancements in performance and agility, along with an improvement in fuel economy and reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition to the strong and rigid aluminum body, an all-new aluminum front and rear chassis architecture has been developed and paired with a with completely re-engineered four-corner air suspension. The luxurious ride has been retained, while the vehicle's handling and agility have been sharpened.  The new suspension architecture delivers flatter, more confident cornering abilities, with a natural and intuitive steering feel."

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