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New Chevy Cruze Gets Bigger and Roomier With More Power

Collision Repair Magazine shares how Chevrolet enlisted the help of various materials, including aluminum to drop approximately 300 pounds from the company's new 2016 Cruze.

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10 Most Important Cars of 2016

The Acura NSX, Cadillac CT6, Jaguar XE and the Mazda Miata were all recently featured on the New York Daily News' list of the "10 Most Important New Cars of 2016." Each vehicle used a substantial amount of aluminum to bolster their innovative lightweight, fuel-efficient designs.

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Auto Aluminum's Future Bright According to Top Editors

Automotive reporters Scott Oldham and Jack Nerad explain in a Providence Journal article that the innovative use of aluminum in automotive design and manufacturing will continue to increase as automakers continue looking for sleeker, lighter-weight vehicles to increase fuel efficiency.

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Automakers learn green is the color of money

A recent Detroit Free Press article details why automakers are quickly learning that green is the color of money, as consumers become more focused on the environmental impact of their vehicles.

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The Clever Way Cadillac Used Aluminum to Slim Down the 2016 CT6

Popular Mechanics shows how the 2016 CT6's entirely new lightweighting platform uses 11 different materials (mostly aluminum) to shed weight. Named Omega, this platform saves an impressive 198 pounds over steel.

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