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Carbon core: 2016 BMW 7-series gets carbon-fiber implants

Autoweek highlights how BMW’s weight-shaving strategy combines carbon fiber, aluminum and steel on their 2016 7-Series sedan. These lightweighting efforts will help with handling, and are projected to save roughly 285 pounds in weight.

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Why Ford Reinvented the Best-Selling Vehicle in America

Popular Mechanics takes a look inside a sprawling Iowan aluminum plant where the body of America’s best-selling truck is made, and discovers why Ford decided to reinvent the F-150.

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All-Aluminum Ford F-150 Earns Top Safety Rating

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given the SuperCrew edition of the F-150 a five-star safety rating.

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Aluminum Builds a Better Vehicle

Smaller engines, lightweight materials and electronic wizardry in today's vehicles help automakers meet fuel economy regulations.

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ATG Presents at Automotive Megatrends USA

Doug Richman, ATG technical committee chairman, participated in theAutomotive Megatrends USA conference.

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