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Anticipated Cadillac Flagship Will Ride On Mixed-Material Platform

Like the CT6, the upcoming Cadillac CT8 will also ride on the automakers' new, aluminum intensive Omega platform, which employs General Motor’s patented process for welding aluminum. Automobile Magazine expects the CT8 to be slightly larger than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, yet significantly lighter due to its extensive use of aluminum.

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2017 Audi A4 Goes On Aluminum Diet

Thanks to its extensive use of aluminum, Audi's fifth-generation 2017 A4 sedan was recently revealed to be both longer and lighter than its predecessor - weighing up to 264 lbs less than the previous model.

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Driving Innovation

Automobile magazine highlights the extensive use of aluminum in several upcoming luxury vehicles, including the Jaguar XJ, BMW 5/6 Series and the Infiniti Q60.

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Aluminum: Safe By Land Or By Sea

Esquire magazine recently highlighted the strength and safety of aluminum cages to protect scuba divers from shark attacks, noting that "aluminum is lighter than steel and doesn't corrode in water."

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10 Most Important Cars of 2016

The Acura NSX, Cadillac CT6, Jaguar XE and the Mazda Miata were all recently featured on the New York Daily News' list of the "10 Most Important New Cars of 2016." Each vehicle used a substantial amount of aluminum to bolster their innovative lightweight, fuel-efficient designs.

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