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Beaten, Blasted & Baked | Aluminum F-150 Durability Testing

The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 is getting an intense workout. From long and tall hill climbs and descents to acid bath testing, the new aluminum alloys effectiveness against corrosion is being put to the test through Ford’s simulated durability testing.

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A Look to the Past is a Window into the Future

Aluminum has been making big news recently, but as The New York Times reports, aluminum has been used in transportation for decades. In 1893, Studebaker, one of the world’s largest makers of horse-drawn carriages and buggies, built a farm wagon mainly out of aluminum components. Later in history, once luxury brand Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company built vehicle bodies with aluminum panels for 25 years.

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Say “Hello” to the New Jaguar XE [VIDEO]

Jaguar recently announced plans for its new compact sedan, the XE, to join the ranks next year with an aluminum unibody. Jaguar has long relied on aluminum; in 1992 the company cut its teeth into manufacturing with aluminum with the XJ220.

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Consumer Reports Top 10 Picks: Aluminum gets Top Marks

Consumer Reports released its 2014 picks for best vehicle models in 10 categories. Tesla’s aluminum-bodied Model S won best overall vehicle and the Dodge Ram 1500 won best pickup, which uses an aluminum hood. Tesla’s impressive title as 2014’s best model is well deserved, with incredible innovation, great looks, and most importantly, extremely high safety scores.

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Ford F-150 | Cultural Impact

The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 has seen a lot of attention since its January introduction at the Detroit Auto Show. Automotive News featured a cartoon recognizing the groundbreaking material application by illustrating the Man of Steel getting snubbed.

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