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New Joining Manual Supports Rapid Growth of Aluminum in Automotive
Jan 29, 2015
Study Finds Seven Out of 10 New Pickup Trucks Produced in North America Will be Aluminum-Bodied by 2025
Jun 10, 2014
Explosive Growth Expected for Aluminum-Bodied Cars and Trucks; Reaching 18 Percent Within a Decade
Aluminum’s Environmental Superiority in Automotive Reaffirmed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Apr 09, 2014
Aluminum Offers Smallest Total Carbon Footprint Among Competing Materials
Automakers Signal Continued Shift to Aluminum at 2013 Management Briefing Seminars
Aug 08, 2013
New Study Shows Aluminum Superior to Steel in Shedding Vehicle Body Mass, Boosting Fuel Economy
Apr 16, 2013
Industry Reveals Results of New Vehicle Design Study at 2013 SAE World Congress
Aluminum Shines in Military Vehicle Showcased on “Jay Leno’s Garage”
Mar 05, 2013
U.S. Army’s Demo Vehicle Relies on Metal’s Efficiency, Durability Properties
2013 NAIAS Models Demonstrate Aluminum Growth
Jan 11, 2013
Materials Substitution Accelerates to Increase Fuel Economy Benefits
Aluminum Gains Big Momentum: New Report Confirms Strong, Low Weight Materials as Best Way to Reach 50+ MPG as Automakers Tout the Metal
Sep 27, 2012
Aluminum Cars and Trucks: The Benefits
Jul 27, 2012
Tesla Model S Relies on Aluminum to Maximize Electric Vehicle’s Range
Jun 22, 2012
Aluminum Transportation Group Applauds Innovation
Auto Aluminum Reaches New Heights with Growth Expected to Continue in U.S. and Abroad, Aluminum Association Tells AMM Conference
May 02, 2012
Auto Aluminum Exec Details Drivers Fueling the Metal’s Record Growth
Apr 25, 2012
As Presented at the 2012 SAE World Congress
Automakers Ramping Up Aluminum Use Ahead of Proposed Fuel Economy and Emissions Regulations, Aluminum Officials Detail to Regulators in Public Forum in Detroit
Jan 17, 2012
Aluminum Key to Meeting Heavy Truck Fuel Regulations, Aluminum Association Tells SAE Conference
Dec 01, 2011
Automakers Accelerating Transition to Aluminum to Increase Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Emissions and Meet Tough, New Standards Announced Today
Nov 16, 2011
Aluminum Industry Comments on Proposed Regulations
Auto Aluminum Usage Hits All-Time High, Expected to Aggressively Accelerate, New Survey of Automakers Says
Sep 07, 2011
Aluminum Use as a Percent of Automotive Materials Mix to Double by 2025 According to Survey
New EPA/NHTSA Heavy Truck Regs Tout Aluminum as the #1 Material to Boost Fuel Economy and Cut Emissions
Aug 15, 2011
Aluminum Industry Statement: Fuel Economy Standards Announcement
Jul 29, 2011
Downweighting with Aluminum Part of Solution to Meeting Proposed Fuel Economy Standards Announced by the Obama Administration, Aluminum Industry Says
Automakers Look to Aluminum to Reduce Vehicle Weight Safely
May 10, 2011
Fuel Economy and Emission Regs Prompt Further Interest in Cost-Effective Weight Reduction
Aluminum Can Reduce Vehicle Body Structure Weight Safely by 40 Percent, Study Finds
Apr 13, 2011
Industry Delivers Keynote on Auto Materials Sustainability Study at 2011 SAE World Congress
Aluminum Critical to Meeting Future Federal Regulations, Aluminum Association Tells IQPC Conference
Apr 11, 2011
Increased Use of Lightweight Auto Aluminum Helps Consumers Spend Less at the Pump
Mar 17, 2011
Next Generation Aluminum Space Frame is a Revolution in Auto Design
Feb 11, 2011
Audi A8’s Aluminum Frame 40 Percent Lighter than Comparable Steel Body Shell
Aluminum Reduces Heavy Truck Weight by 14 Percent to Improve Fuel Economy
Feb 01, 2011
Aluminum Industry Comments On Proposed Regulations
2011 North American Car and Truck of the Year Winners Use Auto Aluminum to Help Reduce Emissions, Fuel Consumption
Jan 14, 2011
Indicative of predictions for auto aluminum demand to double in next decade

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