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Aluminum Advantages

Life Cycle Analysis

When it comes to preferred materials for the manufacturing of new cars and trucks, an accelerated transition  to strong, affordable and infinitely recyclable aluminum is well underway.  That’s because the high strength, low weight metal can be designed to create passenger and commercial vehicles that are lighter – not necessarily smaller – so they go farther while using less fuel or battery power.

With increasing consumer, regulatory and environmental pressures, automakers are reimagining the automobile from the wheels up to take a more holistic approach to integrate innovative designs, next gen engines and power sources, cleaner fuels and advanced materials.

Aluminum is the rising material of choice, offering the fastest, safest, most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to boost fuel economy and cut total carbon emissions.

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Matching smart aluminum designs with advanced powertrains cuts vehicle weight to conserve field or battery power.

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Aluminum has the smallest total carbon footprint of all competing materials (20% better than steel)

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The all-aluminum Audi A8 earned a perfect 5-star safety rating – the metal is highly crash absorbent and can be designed to deflect crash energies away from vehicle occupants

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When the U.S. military selected the best material for its new tactical truck to protect troops in unforgiving environments, aluminum more than proved its mettle

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For faster acceleration, shorter braking and better handling, it’s no coincidence that leading high-performance dream machines are all-aluminum

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Aluminum use in transportation is fast-growing because it helps drive down costs through weight reduction, fuel savings, structural performance and design flexibility

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