Weight Can be Reduced Safely
in 95% of Vehicles

Size—not weight—is the more influential safety determinant
because bigger vehicles provide occupants more crush space in a crash.


What's Next? Unprecedented Aluminum Growth as Multi-Material Vehicles Ascend

Automakers will continue to increase the adoption
of aluminum in new car and truck construction
at a faster pace than any time in history.


Infinite Possibilities

Automotive Aluminum Recycling Rate
Higher Than 90 percent, New Study Confirms.


Environmental Superiority

Automotive aluminum offers the smallest total
carbon footprint among competing materials.


Webinar: Aluminum Vehicle Content Surge

Technical webinar, in partnership with WardsAuto, to detail new research from Ducker Worldwide forecasting growth surge for aluminum vehicle content.


Joining Manual

Essential reference manual details range
of available production processes for
joining aluminum in automotive applications.


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Every aluminum-bodied vehicle crash tested by federal regulators earned a 5-star safety rating.




The U.S. military trusts high-strength aluminum in combat vehicles like the Humvee.


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Aluminum offers the smallest total carbon footprint among all competing materials.


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Reducing weight with aluminum can increase fuel economy and electric vehicle driving range.


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Aluminum can help vehicles accelerate faster, brake in shorter distances and handle better.


Cost Effectiveness

Using aluminum to reduce weight can be a catalyst for cost savings throughout the entire vehicle.


Aluminum-Bodied Vehicles Earn Highest Possible Safety Rating from Federal Regulators

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The 2018 Lincoln Navigator and 2018 Ford Expedition prove safety comes standard when you drive aluminum. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration awarded the redesigned Ford Expedition and the Lincoln Navigator perfect five-star overall crash ratings. Ford and Lincoln each attribute their perfect safety ratings, in part, to the vehicles’ aluminum bodies.
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Technical Analysis: Aluminum Hood Corrosion and Hem Conditions

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A new paper from the Aluminum Association examines a painted aluminum hood sample taken from a vehicle, types of corrosion and their cause. Read this report to learn preventative measures for corrosion through durability tests and read more from ​Repairer Driven News for lessons for OEMs and repair shops.

Download “Analysis of Painted Aluminum Hood and Associated Corrosion at Hem” from the Research & Resources page at DriveAluminum.org.
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Strong, lightweight and recyclable, #aluminum is uniquely suited to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century. Learn about the aluminum advantage here: https://t.co/eQFN57Ttmc

"Hewn from aluminum–the body panels, at least–the latest Ford Expedition joins pickup truck and SUV styling themes, to excellent effect." Read more about @Ford's #aluminum bodied #Expedition in @carconnection's review.

What do the @Ford #F150, #Expedition, @Tesla #ModelS, @Jaguar #XJ, @Cadillac #CT6 & @LincolnMotorCo #Navigator have in common? They all use #aluminum to reduce weight and cut emissions safely. And NHTSA agrees with a 5-star safety rating for each! That's the #AluminumAdvantage.


Weekend well done. The new 2018 #Navigator.


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